Hooser blogs on his Perry-Price interview

Senator Hooser posted a couple of entries yesterday on the KSSK interview and aftermath.

In the end he writes:

Final Note: A friend reminded me recently of the famous quote:
“When you wrestle with a pig in the mud: you both get dirty and the pig loves it.”

So, I will wrestle no more. And will attempt to “disengage” from this issue.

4 responses to “Hooser blogs on his Perry-Price interview

  1. Too bad Larry Price showed his colors. I am so sick of the racial nonsense that exists in Hawaii. As if being local makes you better.

  2. I wonder if Price would have said what he said if the guest had been Kirk Caldwell. I do think the sore point was the rejection of Iwalani White which Price ranted about in his MidWeek column (without disclosing that his wife worked for White).

    And since Hooser is the majority leader, he became the lightning rod.

  3. The spin from Hawaii Reporter is that, of course, this incident is all the fault of the liberal media…

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