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Friday…covering the weeks shocking crimes, social change grants, and a Friday feline

Yesterday’s breaking news that freeway traffic was snarled after a 2-year old was thrown off an overpass into passing traffic hit while everyone was still trying to digest and deal with news of the Wednesday night’s incident in Kailua in which a woman was beaten to death in a well-used street in front of bystanders.

This is one of those times when a newspaper’s thoughtful and compassionate editorial voice can help the community through an extremely difficult moment. I haven’t gone out in the dark to drag our two newspapers in off the driveway, but a quick online check shows neither Honolulu daily stepped up to the plate. That’s a shame.

The Star-Bulletin, though, did make several good points in its editorial urging caution before automatically sending juveniles charged with serious offenses to be tried in adult court. They point out that this is likely to happen even under existing law in the Ewa case driving the current proposal, so the need for the across the board change is questionable.

I would give the Advertiser high marks for its detailed coverage of yesterday’s incident, while the Star-Bulletin, with far fewer resources to work with, provides a much better read in a story this morning by Leila Fujimori and Alexandre Da Silva, complete with the name of the victim, a photo of his mother at the police station last night, and her description of what led up to the incident. The mother’s comments put the Star-Bulletin way ahead of its larger rival on this one.

I also have to give S-B writer Gene Park’s second day story on the Kailua beating. Here’s his lead:

Outside a Kailua apartment building, 2-year-old Trulyn skipped, jumped and giggled up and down the sidewalk yesterday, blissfully unaware of the fate of her parents.

Her father, Alapeti Siuanu Tunoa Jr., is accused of beating her mother, Janel Tupuola, to death in front of several witnesses in a public road.

In stark contrast to his half sister’s boundless energy, 13-year-old Kealii Toelupi leaned against a car, his arms crossed as he remembered months of abuse his mother suffered during her relationship with Tunoa.

“I hate him,” he said under his breath, his lips tight across his face and his eyes without tears. “I hate him for what he’s done to this family.”

Terrible situation, but a winning story.

An interview this week with Gannett’s newly appointed chief digital officer gives some perspective on the company’s strategy going forward.

Time Warner says it’s going to be experimenting with variable Internet pricing, with high bandwidth users paying more. Still no word on whether this is going to show up in Hawaii at some future point.

The Hawaii People’s Fund is offering two upcoming workshops on how to apply for its social change-oriented grants. Potentially interested community groups should take note.

CHINATOWN: Learn how to apply for a Hawai’i People’s Fund grant at a gathering from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, January 29, in The Peace Center, at Pacific Justice and Reconciliation Center, located in Chinatown at 19 North Pau‘ahi Street. (Parking is $3.00 in the underground Chinatown garage, entrance on Beretania St., and on-street parking is free after 6pm.)

HAUULA: Learn how to apply for a Hawai’i People’s Fund grant at a meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, January 30, in the Queen Lili‘uokalani Children’s Center (Windward Unit) conference room, located in Hau‘ula at 53-516 Kamehameha Highway.

“Hawai’i People’s Fund is a partnership of progressive activists and donors who share a vision of justice,” said program coordinator Richard Rodrigues. “Hawai‘i People’s Fund gives grant money to support work challenging institutions and attitudes that feed economic, social, racial and gender inequalities. We’re proud of our organization’s tagline, “Change, Not Charity™.” “Come to our informal workshop and learn how to apply for an HPF grant.”

For more info, check the foundation’s website or give them a call at 845-4800.

Mr. Leo

After dragging around all week with this cold, I didn’t have a lot of new Friday Feline photos to choose from.

Luckily, I caught up with Mr. Leo just before the cold bug caught up with me. He looks so nice and calm when he’s not neurotic and demanding!