Saturday…Last minute GOP scare tactics, self-proclaimed king bases claims on documents filed with state agency, an another sunrise

Advertiser columnist Lee Cataluna took aim yesterday at Gov. Lingle’s recent campaign speeches that questioned whether Barack Obama’s should really be considered to be from Hawaii.

Since when does the governor’s office issue and revoke local status and kama’aina cred? Obama was born here and graduated from high school here. Lingle did neither. Does she really want to open up that debate?

Anyway, it’s a good column. Check it out.

Speaking of last-minute Republican scare tactics, I’m sick of this b.s. about Acorn’s voter registration efforts.

We went through one politically motivated wave of Acorn hysteria in 2004, as one of those U.S. Attorneys fired illegally at that time is quick to remind us. Check the comments by David Iglesias, along with this extended look at the Republican’s coordinated political use of the issue and the responses from Acorn.

Also check out yesterday’s New York Times editorial which called the GOP charges “wildly overblown”.

It’s easy to trip over the limits of community media. Take this item provided to by backers the man who now calls himself “Akahi Nui” regarding his arrest, along with several other followers, after their attempted takeover of Iolani Palace.

In their own minds, their right of ownership is proven because claims put on record by filing at the Bureau of Conveyances were not refuted by the state. Ignore my claim? That must mean the state agrees.

Anyway, Akahi Nui not only lays claim to ownership of Iolani Palace, but of all the islands of Hawaii, because he has written up and filed “deeds” claiming ownership.

The group says:

Official documents at the Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances verify His Majesty’s claims. The Deed to Iolani Palace (doc. No. 2000-176035 also identified as T.M.K.: 2-1-25-2 filed on December 14, 2000 at 10:OO AM) confirm that the Palace Deed is held by the Kingdom of Hawaii Nation Ministry Trust, Majesty Akahi Nui, Trustee. Other key documents include the Deeds to the Islands of Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii all filed in the Bureau of Conveyances at 11:30 AM on January 11, 2002, all giving the STATE OF HAWAII and United States government 30 days to challenge or rebut his claim to title. Every Deed is accompanied by a STATE OF HAWAII Exemption From Conveyance Tax. The Island Deeds are identified as follows: (Kauai) Doc No(s). 2002-005575 thru 2002-005576, (Oahu) Doc No(s). 2002-005573 thru 2002-005574, (Maui) Doc No(s). 2002-005579 thru 2002-005580, (Hawaii) Doc. No(s). 2002-005577 thru 2002-005578.

I’ll just step over the irony of a group that says the state and federal governments have no authority turn out to base their own claims on documents that draw their weight from being “officially” filed with a state agency. Well, if paying the conveyances filing fee makes a document “official”, then there are “official documents” on record. But although they can be said to “verify” that Akahi has made claims, they certainly don’t verify the validity of those claims. Will these folks figure out that vital difference sooner or later? Or at all?

The same con was used for years by a local man who made startling allegations about government agencies and officials, claiming throughout that the allegations were supported by documents in the same Bureau of Conveyances. But, when I went to check it out, the documents turned out to be things he wrote and filed himself. A closed circle of fraudulent claims. By the way, Eric Lighter is now facing multiple counts of federal tax fraud in a San Francisco court with a trial coming up early in 2009.

SunriseAnd for this Saturday, just a taste of yesterday’s dawn out here in Kaaawa. I’m hoping for more of the same today.

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