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Saturday….Tornado’s mark twister anniversary, LRB iClips down, letters to Rep. Takumi, HI leads earmarks list

The tornadoes that hit on Thursday, including one that touched down just across the Oklahoma border in Mena, Arkansas, came on the 62nd anniversary of the monster tornado that my wife, Meda, survived as an infant. That 1947 storm still ranks as the deadliest in Oklahoma history.

Hawaii reporters might want to put a local spin on that national weather story by talking to City Councilman Duke Bainum. The tornado swept through an area served by Diamond Bank, owned by Bainum’s family company. It’s got a branch in the little town of Mena, where three people were killed in Thursday’s storm.

Arkansas Diamond Bank: Mena Branch at 203 Highway 71 North, branch established on 1998-04-20. Info updated 2006-11-03: Bank assets: $126.6 mil, Deposits: $113.2 mil, headquarters in Glenwood, AR, positive income, 5 total offices, Holding Company: Bainum Bancorp

Bainum served as CEO of Diamond Bank until he returned to Honolulu last year to make his successful run for the City Council, and he’s probably quite familiar with Mena. I don’t know if he still carries the CEO title from a distance, although it’s listed that way on the bank’s web site. In any case, I would be surprised if he hasn’t been in close touch with the situation.

Have you noticed that LRB’s iClips daily news summary hasn’t been updated for the last week?

Don’t miss the selection of thank you letters from students to Rep. Roy Takumi after he spoke to a class at Pearl City High School. They’re gathered on the Hawaii House Blog (Part 1, Part 2).

Some of these were priceless:

John: “It was kind of boring but hey I was learning.”

Josephine: “And I realized that Representatives do alot of things and meet alot of people. Most people think you don’t do much since not much change is happening.”

Timothy: ” I am thankful that you answered my two questions with a long answer. That killed a good 20 min. of school time. Just kidding. ”

Randie: “Oh, I thought you were really funny. Maybe if you retire from politics, you could give comedy a try. ”

Such are the rewards of holding public office.

Can this be correct?? Watchdog.net ranks Hawaii’s two congressional districts as tops in earmarks per capita, with the 1st District at $757 and 2nd District at $734.

It was just after 5 a.m. when I got my laptop set up on the dining table. Ms. Kili was sitting right there purring and trying to rub her face on the top edge of the screen. Why is this so popular? I think it’s just an excuse for hanging around until I put a little more food down for her. To test the theory, I stood up suddenly. She immediately turned, jumped to the floor, and headed towards the food dish on the kitchen floor, turning to let me know that it’s time to follow. A portion of a scoop in her dish, and a bit more in Ms. Annie’s dish on the counter, problem solved. Hopefully they didn’t leave much for the much overweight boys to clean up.

[text]What’s this? More cat pictures? It’s not Friday!

No, but these mark the first pictures with a new camera. I at least had a chance to get it out of the box, charge the battery, and try to decipher the most basic operations in time to do a few test shots. It’s going to take a while to get get used to it. More later. In the meantime, click on Toby’s photo and enjoy a few extra cats.