Another moment in Hawaii culinary history

Food serviceHere’s another small moment in Hawaii culinary history, found among the papers and photographs belonging to my father, John Lind. It was taken at a meeting of the Geneva Club in Honolulu, probably in the immediate post-WWII years prior to 1950.

On the far right, serving a plate of pasta, is Donn Beach, made famous by his Don the Beachcomber restaurants. This appears to be at his restaurant in Waikiki.

Second from the right, smiling, is restauranteur Peter Canlis, whose Canlis Broiler was a mainstay in Waikiki for decades. My dad says Peter shied away from the camera and photos of him are not common.

In the center is Ed Kina, who was executive chef at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Second from left, unidentified. Perhaps someone out there can fill in the blank.

And on the far left, my father, John Lind, then manager of the Dohrmann Hotel Supply Company office in Honolulu.

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3 responses to “Another moment in Hawaii culinary history

  1. Your father was very handsome!

  2. Pasta. With MaiTai sauce!

  3. your dad looks like a movie star

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