Priorities, Pearl Harbor questions, and thoughts on corruption and war

A reader shared this observation:

There I was, headed to work at the Capitol, seeing the DOH parking lot mostly empty for Furlough Friday, wondering how we could help our petite, elderly custodian — who is now left to look after our entire floor, three other custodians having been laid off — cope with the new routine. Just then I saw what I’ve since been told is a brand new boom truck at the traffic circle fronting the Governor’s residence. A crew of three was placing holiday lights in the fresh Norfolk pine placed there — one man in the bucket, one man controlling the bucket arm, and one man (in a spiffy hard hat), well, watching.

We can furlough our teachers, we can furlough employees, but we just have to have three guys using a new boom truck to put up holiday lights in front of the Governor’s house?


I’m sure that’s a feeling shared by a lot of people this year as priorities become clearer against the dark financial background.

The thread of comments from the last couple of entries regarding the Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund has yielded some interesting information. Even if you don’t normally read the comments, these are worth checking.

When another Navy officer at Pearl Harbor was relieved of command last week, I had to wonder what the heck is going on? A sub captain was dismissed earlier.

Little news has emerged about these cases and what policies or problems tie them together.

I finally found an online forum on the issue. Lots of informed speculation among the “tin foil” moments. One comment noted that 13 commanding officers are relieved in a normal year. So it’s not clear whether this year is above average or not.

But you would think that several cases in one command like Pearl Harbor would interest reporters and prompt more inquiry.

And let me recommend this column on corruption and war by my old friend, Gene Stoltzfus, who regulary seems so wise.

3 responses to “Priorities, Pearl Harbor questions, and thoughts on corruption and war

  1. “BAH HUMBUG!!” welcome to Hawai’i. Get ready for more of the same.

    • Indeed, Kimo. When the people of Hawai‘i finally learn to spell ‘ohana correctly (C-O-S-A N-O-S-T-R-A), they might be able to perceive the matter as it is, and begin to make amends. But it looks to me like what happens here now has its roots in what happened here more than a century ago, in the doings of the Big Five and their allies (of whom the present Governor is an ideological descendant) and the various responses to those doings, like begetting like. I’m not holding my breath in anticipation of reform.

  2. thanks for the forum discussion link

    during the aftermath of the USS Port Royal disaster, I stumbled upon the Naval Institute blog which had some great discussions going on

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