More from “The Surfer”, the newsletter of the Waikiki Surf Club back in the 1950s

Here are a few more issues of The Surfer, the newsletter of the Waikiki Surf Club, from 1956-57. I found these and other WSC papers in boxes of stuff that my dad saved over the years.

September 1956: There are updates on canoe paddling events, Wally Froiseth asked to take leadership of training for the Molokai-Oahu canoe race, new members welcomed, etc. Lots of little notes like this:

WSC played host to our Frank Hendriques and the Kaiopua Canoe Club of Kona over Labor Day. They were dined at the Waikiki Sands, Downtown. Lovely girls, wonderful people, a nice get-to-gether. After the meal a City Tour in 8 members cars, a stop and a chat at several points of interest and a fond Aloha.

December 22, 1956: “WSC’s very close friend and most ardent supporter, Frank Henriques, has very graciously offered to the WSC a pig for the honoe of being kaluaed at a luau.”


Some of the nicest waves we’ve seen this season and some really fine performances by the best in the world. Conrad Canha, using a good eye and some terrific control came out the winner in the Senior Men’s Open event with Rabbit Kekai running a real close second.”

Also, this item is listed as “bad news”:

Hey! you delinquents. The list of unpaid dues and locker fees has been posted for all to see….Don’t applaud, just throw money.”

February 27, 1957. This newsletter includes a note about my dad stepping off the board, likely for the first time since the club’s founding a decade earlier.

Your Surfer notes with regret the absence of John Lind’s name in the list of prospective Board members for the coming year. After many years of hard work and worry, John has decided to sort of retire to the background for awhile. He will remain an active and welcome member of the Waikiki Surf Club, but will try to enjoy the facilities for a change instead of fighting to keep the facilities in shape for others to enjoy. We hate to see you go, John, but realize that this is a well deserved rest and hope that you enjoy every minute of it.

I imagine there’s more of a story there. I’ll ask him about it when I get the chance.

Additional issues of The Surfer were previously posted.

2 responses to “More from “The Surfer”, the newsletter of the Waikiki Surf Club back in the 1950s

  1. “bad news”. Hah, that’s awesome.

  2. Wow an awesome surfer, man. I’m an old friend of Joel,Josh and Joe Tudor (better not forget Denise ). Lived & surfed Cardiff 23 yrs & was member Oceanside Longboard Surfclub. Been in Hawaii 13 yrs West Side any chance 2 meet Conrad? And especially find one of His boards old single fin! Please whomever can contact me at their convenience much appreciated by email or phone (808-450-8590) Oh I’m gonna be 66yrs on 23rd Mahalo God Bless Dawn Patrol It Bill

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