UH Manoa Chancellor reacts to proposed $59 million raid on campus special funds

University of Hawaii-Manoa Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw sent a “budget alert” to all Manoa faculty, staff, and students regarding a Senate bill that would authorized a substantial raid on special funds, including close to $59 million from UH.

You may have heard earlier that the State House had unfortunately proposed additional cuts of $10 million for UH.  Over the weekend, we learned of another bill SB 2695 which proposes to transfer almost $59M out of UH special funds.

The proposed cuts to the UH budget include:  Tuition and Fees Special Fund – $20 million; Research and Training Revolving Fund – $10 million; Revenue Undertakings Fund – $11 million; Cancer Research Center Special Fund – $15 million; Housing Assistance Revolving Fund – $2 million; IT Special Fund – $750K.  Mânoa’s share of the $59M reduction would be in addition to the hit taken by UH Mânoa this year of $66 million, or 26% of our State general funds.  

All of these proposed cuts would impact tremendously on UH as a whole, but certainly most heavily on UH Mânoa.  These proposed cuts are all extremely damaging — for example, the State proposes to take fees and tuition funds that students have paid for specific purposes and for which we have provided financial aid including scholarships, federal grants, and loans, to pay the costs for other agencies.  Such actions would truly endanger Mânoa’s ability to serve Hawai’i as a research 1 university now and into the future in essence, this would push Mânoa past the tipping point.

Although SB 2695 describes all of these amounts as “in excess of the requirements” of each of the funds, I’m guessing that this really translates into “the immediate requirements” of the funds.

Read Hinshaw’s entire budget alert

3 responses to “UH Manoa Chancellor reacts to proposed $59 million raid on campus special funds

  1. $20 million from student tuition and fees? they were paid by the students? Now it is suddenly a tax by the Leg? And the $15 million from the Cancer Center Research Fund. I believe that is enough to cause DC to pull the Cancer Center designation and funding.

    Of course we can still afford the football team.

  2. ohiaforest3400

    Even worse, while the Legislature designates some portion of these funds as “excess,” it does not reduce the assessments against those who must pay into the funds. As a result, only some people pay, but everybody “benefits.”

    That CAN’T be legal, can it?

  3. not related to your above post, but this reminded me of another video you posted: http://www.theonion.com/articles/onion-news-network,16928/

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