iPad delivery hits a snag in Shenzhen

There was excitement yesterday when an email from Apple notified me that my iPad had been shipped!

I immediately clicked through to the tracking number and saw it had been logged in by UPS at 3 a.m. local time in Shenzhen, China. That was a surprise, but everything appeared to be on track.

Today came what appears to be the not good news.

Status: Exception

Selected service is not available


Does this mean it won’t be delivered here on time?

Stay tuned.

6 responses to “iPad delivery hits a snag in Shenzhen

  1. If UPS delivers on Saturday, you’ll most likely get it. Apple in the past, has worked with UPS to hold shipments until the day of a products release. They’ve done this before with the iPhone.

  2. Maybe they think you’re a subversive Google agent and decided to send your iPad into political limbo.

  3. From The Unofficial Apple Weblog–

    “If you received one of these notices, you are not alone. Apple has taken similar measures in the past to make sure that deliveries do not arrive before the official release date.”


  4. I got my notice today, and the “exception” isn’t on it….

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