Double dipping, Panginthehale, breaking news, etc.

In a small way, we looked forward to the consolidation of Honolulu’s two daily newspapers, but only because it promised to reduce the ever-growing stack of newspapers that sits in the house until we finally get around to hauling it off to the recycling bin at Kaaawa Elementary School.

But every day this week, there have been two copies of the Star-Advertiser in our driveway, one a hangover of our Star-Bulletin subscription, the other similar vestige of our Advertiser subscription (which I allowed to lapse in the ‘Tiser’s final weeks). I guess the merging of subscription lists is more difficult than you might expect.

I was also reminded to mention the Advertiser’s “Farewell Video”. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link.

If you’re interested in city politics, check out Gordon Pang’s new “Pang in the Hale” blog. Pang, who covered city hall for the Advertiser and, previously, for the Star-Bulletin, says its an extension of his @inthehale Twitter account, in which he served up timely updates on city happenings.

Like my Twitter account, PangintheHale will stay focused almost exclusively on the subject of letting the audience know the happenings at Honolulu Hale (aka City Hall).

The nearly 600 followers of the account know that during Council meetings and other serious proceedings at City Hall, their Twitter accounts are going to get blasted with updates about what’s going on.

And a reader added this observation on “breaking news” in the new Star-Advertiser in an email late yesterday morning:

For what it’s worth, I went to the Star-Advertiser to see if there was any news about the new councilman. Nothing.

I found out Lee Donahue was selected when a friend sent me an email.

I went back again to the Star-Advertiser. Still nothing.

Finally, the Star-Advertiser did have some “breaking news” on its website, but it was provided by two of our local television stations KGMB & KHNL and KITV in the “Other Hawaii media” section. Hawaii News Now was the first to post a link followed by KITV.

I guess if people are looking for “breaking news” they can go to the Star-Advertiser website and visit the section titled “Other Hawaii media”. Maybe the laid-off web journalists from the Advertiser can find some work at one of the television stations updating their websites?

This just seems to be a very strange and uncomfortable development and most likely a bad sign of what to expect from our new newspaper in the future. I am getting nervous.

I would think that it’s still early to expect all systems to be up and running as the newsroom reorganizes and absorbs more than two dozen new staffers. But, as the reader says, “getting nervous” may be the appropriate reaction.

3 responses to “Double dipping, Panginthehale, breaking news, etc.

  1. I first saw the news about Donahue in BREAKING NEWS, in the upper right corner of the website — and then later in the TV news section. So I think SA was on the ball.

  2. Yep, I saw it on the SA website half an hour after watching it live on Olelo.

  3. I will switch to the Civil Beat by Peer News for updates.

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