Another Waikiki street brawl getting lots of views on YouTube

I’ve commented here several times over the past several years about the underreporting of street fights and brawls around the island.

This week, a sharp-eyed Waikiki resident forwarded the link to this YouTube video showing a street fight in the heart of Waikiki that took place a couple of months ago.

[The video has been removed (in December 2012) following a warning from Google that all ads will be suspended if this video, which shows a street fightin Waikiki, is not removed.]

We’re talking the center of our visitor industry. Does anyone else find this disturbing?

Here’s what I wrote a year and a half ago (I point out the date so that I’m not accused of raising this only as a last-minute campaign issue:

The pattern seem clear. For whatever reason, this disturbing series of fights involving large groups is being largely ignored. Follow-up reporting to make sense of it is almost nonexistent, as is reporting to hold public officials responsible for responding. Shouldn’t there be some public discussion of how to best respond to this obvious increase in gang related violence, including the appearance of home invasion robberies, drive by shootings, brawls in public places, etc? I would like to hear more than a sound bite from HPD, the city council, and the mayor. What’s going on and what are you doing about it?

Type “brawl” in the Google search bar on the top right of this page and you’ll get a list of earlier entries involving underreported and unanalyzed gang fights.

That video had been viewed about 14,000 times as of this morning, as have several of the others that turned up when I searched YouTube using the words “Waikiki” and “fight”.

I’m hearing candidates talking a lot about management experience and public safety. I haven’t heard much, now or over the past several years, addressing this emergence of new and serious types of community violence, from gang fights to recreational violence to home invasions.

I would welcome somthing substantive on this important issue.

9 responses to “Another Waikiki street brawl getting lots of views on YouTube

  1. Such un-ladylike behavior!
    Tsk tsk.
    Standard closing-time meathead brawl instigated by loudmouth tramp.

  2. personally, i think it’s a bunch of fighting babies who lack effective repudiation, and they need some more spankings. I hope Carlisle gets elected and does more about this than Mufi. but lax modern-day parents deserve a spanking as well.

    Excellent New York Times read on this general problem:

  3. Sad. I worked in Waikiki for 5 years as a taxi driver in the late 70’s and lived there for 20 years until the mid 90’s. This stuff didn’t happen then. Where is HPD? In the old days the Metro squad would’ve been all over them — rounded them all up and thrown them all in jail for the night.

  4. when you hear the anger in that ladies voice it makes you want to cringe … this is a whole other area that could use some study … when such violence is coming from the female side of the equation … you wonder what effect this has on their kids

  5. I would like to know if the person who filmed this ever bothered to call the police.

  6. I wonder if this signals greater, more troubling societal breakdowns. Violent crimes has not begun to climb much in Hawaii but these types of brazen displays in places that formerly were taboo may indicate something else at work (of course, Ian, your wife is probably more qualified to discuss this than either you or I). The horrific tale of the 60 year old woman who got run over by car thieves who stole an extremely late-model car from her in Kahala mall seems to fall into this category, as well as the rise of seemingly brazen crimes in formerly quiet neighborhoods in East Honolulu like Palolo (there are projects there but Palolo has never been known as a place where open violent crime like home invasions took place).

  7. To be great is to be misunderstood.

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  8. Just got back from Waikiki – stayed at a hotel close to the IMP and got no sleep. 11PM to 6AM the streets are constantly noisy with crap right in line from the video. Best of all – cops everywhere and doing nothing. Drug deals and hookers soliciting right in front of them.

    Soon Waikiki will simply be a place that tourists “used to go to”. I feel so sorry for the honest people of this island. My advice – if you want to keep the tourist industry from dying in Waikiki, work hard to clean that garbage up.

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