The missing video from this morning’s post

It took me a while yesterday, between other appointments, to wrestle this little bit of iPhone video into proper shape. It finally fell into place late in the afternoon, and I uploaded the video to YouTube on Wednesday night.

You may want to review the earlier entry again for more details on the photos.

Oh–the video was taken with my iPhone. It was a spur of the moment move. I had asked about the photos, and then quickly realized that it would be worth capturing her descriptions. I wasn’t quick enough, and there are some technical glitches, but overall it’s great video from the phone.

2 responses to “The missing video from this morning’s post

  1. Thanks for sharing. Grandma Helen is looking great and still remembers!

  2. Ian, this video was wonderful! The pictures are wonderful, but the video with your Mom’s description of the pictures are so much ‘more’.

    I am sad that we didn’t capture any of my MIL’s verbal descriptions of the family photos she has from their time living near Hilo in the 60s.

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