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Sampling the Wikileaks debate

The Wikileaks war continues.

“What our government is trying to do to WikiLeaks now is lawless in stunning ways.”–Dan Gilmore in a Salon.com column, “Defend Wikileaks or lose free speech.”

Gilmore continued:

Media organizations with even half a clue need to recognize what is at stake at this point. It’s more than immediate self-interest, namely their own ability to do their jobs. It’s about the much more important result if they can’t. If journalism can routinely be shut down the way the government wants to do this time, we’ll have thrown out free speech in this lawless frenzy.

“The first serious infowar is now engaged,” EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow tweeted on Friday. “The field of battle is WikiLeaks. You are the troops.” That’s the lede from a blog post by Audrey Watters (An/Archivista) looking at the lessons of the government’s efforts to shut down Wikileaks. She argues that the ideal of a free and open Internet is hampered by three key points of control which are vulnerable to political pressure. The post was reprinted by ReadWriteWeb.com, which has been following the Wikileaks developments.

“Live with the WikiLeakable world or shut down the net. It’s your choice.” John Naughton in The Guardian. Naughton writes: “The most obvious lesson is that it represents the first really sustained confrontation between the established order and the culture of the internet. There have been skirmishes before, but this is the real thing.”

Michael Brenner in the Huffington Post: WikiLeaks: The Three Faces of Uncle Sam.

And from Australia: Assange ‘not responsible for security breaches’ says Kevin Rudd.
Legal liability lies with US rather than WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange , says Australia’s foreign minister Kevin Rudd.

And from Gizmodo: “Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is arrested on suspicion of rape; today U.S. State Department drops this gem: “The United States is pleased to announce that it will host UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day event in 2011 in Washington, D.C.” Oh my.”

Oh, my, indeed!