Hawaiiloa Foundation/Ko Hawaii Pae Aina indictments to test sovereignty claims

I was not surprised to see the news that five people have been indicted in the mortgage fraud scheme on Maui that was cloaked in Hawaiian sovereignty theories and rhetoric.

The defendents were associated with several Maui organizations, including the Hawaiiloa Foundation, Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, and The Registry.

You can read the indictment here.

I wrote about this case several times following an FBI raid in 2008. Links to most of those posts can be found here.

Andrew Walden, writing from the right, has also connected many of the dots.

Check out some of the YouTube videos featuring Mahealani Ventura-Oliver and others to get a better sense of how their garbled sovereignty theories created fertile ground for this alleged fraud.

This is going to be a fascinating case to follow!

3 responses to “Hawaiiloa Foundation/Ko Hawaii Pae Aina indictments to test sovereignty claims

  1. Speaking of Maui, the Dog Chapman-Maui PD-Maui Time fracas keeps getting weirder, and the Hawaii news media keep ignoring it despite its obvious media and First Amendment implications:


  2. The question is not whether Mahealani Oliver is guilty of a crime. It is where the crime may have allegedly been committed. The office of the attorney general for the Hawaiian Kingdom has not received a complaint against Hawaiiloa and so we know of no other foreign authority who would have legal rights to prosecute in our country. Sovereignty is not a theory, as is oppression, occupation and ignorance of international law. I find your comments lacking facts and full of presumptions.

    Kai Landow
    vice consul

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