UH computer system crashed during first week of classes

According to an email sent to UH faculty Tuesday afternoon, the main academic computer system used for managing class registration, enrollment, and tuition payments crashed and was “unavailable.” Coming at a time when students are trying to enroll or change classes, and faculty are trying to update class lists, the inability of the system or software to handle the peak loads causes cascading problems.

The crash came the same day Gov. Abercrombie appeared on the Manoa campus to promote the Hawaii Broadband Initiative.

Faculty reported slowdowns and service disruptions on monday, the first day of classes for the fall semester, continuing through Tuesday.

It was the third reported problem since Monday morning. The UH Information Technology Services reported the outage had been resolved by the end of the afternoon.

Here’s an excerpt from the email announcement:

Here is an overview of the issue:
Key: LOG-175627
Summary: Banner Forms and Academic Services Performance Problems
Start Time: 03:40 PM, Aug 23, 2011 (HST) [01:40 AM, Aug 24, 2011 (GMT)]
End Time: 04:15 PM, Aug 23, 2011 (HST) [02:15 AM, Aug 24, 2011 (GMT)]
Created: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 03:54 PM
Reporter: Banner team

Banner Forms and Academic Services in MyUH are currently unavailable. The
root cause of the problem is being investigated, and any updates will be
posted here as more information becomes available. We apologize for the
inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

The following services are unavailable at this time:

o Academic Services portion of the MyUH (aka Self-Services), which
o Registration
o Grades
o Transcripts
o Class Lists
o Payments
o Payment Plan Sign Up
o eRefund Sign Up
o Forms (for Banner access)
o Reports

2 responses to “UH computer system crashed during first week of classes

  1. Once upon a time I worked for ITS at uh manoa. Right when they implemented the MyUH portal system. They had never stress tested the system under full registration load, so when class registration opened the servers were crashing about every ten minutes. The help desk crew would know the server had wet the bed before even the server people, because our phone tree would light up like Xmas. Like all things State, the system there is underfunded, under equipped, and under staffed (though the staff they have were very competent, at least while I was there)

  2. Oof, what a mess… I taught my first class this week and my poor kids were freaking out- those of us who have been doing this a while know to check our schedules and room assignments WELL in advance, but it was fun to play the role of Reassuring Grownup.

    Ketchup is right- the staff ARE competent, but the resources unfortunately are not. Such is life…

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