Our felines make their final appearance of 2011

Yes, it’s the final set of Friday Felines for the year.

Scrounging around for pictures from the week, I just came up with a few.

Two show the diabetic boys, Siverman and Duke, hanging out together.

In the top photo, they’re asleep on a corner of our bed. Then they’re on the kitchen counter, where Duke is deliberately taking over Silverman’s towel, while Mr. Silverman tries to get comfortable on some of our stuff.

And down below, Mr. Toby looks up from a hard winter nap.

Finally, down on the bottom, a short video of our cats examining a “kitty tunnel” they received as a Christmas gift. The tunnel looks like it should be an instant hit. But its still on double secret probation. Anyway, just click and have a look!




A “Happy New Year!” from all the cats in the household–Kili, Wally, Harriet, Annie, Duke, Toby, Silverman, and Romeo.

2 responses to “Our felines make their final appearance of 2011

  1. Do you need another cat tunnel? I got one and he played with it for one day. He ignores it now.

  2. I’m with Russell. Cats often don’t take to those new gadgets. I notice that Ian is having only mixed success with his new kitty tunnel. We have had similar problems with the rejection of cat loungers.

    I offer two ideas for consideration:

    1) Try wearing the kitty tunnel as a sleeping cap for a few nights to break it in and to give it a more interesting smell. I plan to sit in my cat’s lounger for a few days for the same purpose.


    2) We all should just send our in our rejected kitty tunnels and cat loungers to Ian and Meda’s cat sanctuary and then leave it to them to set up a rejected cat gadget exchange system. (Before sending in your gadget, though, it would be good briefly and judiciously to force lounge your cat in his rejected gadget to begin the layering of interesting smells.)

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