Daysog on wrongful foreclosure

In response to yesterday’s post about foreclosures, former Honolulu reporter Rick Daysog, now at the Sacremento Bee, sent a link to a story he did last summer (“Wrongful home foreclosures rare – but devastating“).

He reports on a case of a man who was served with a foreclosure notice even though he had paid cash for his home. It was a mistake, but he was unable to contact anyone at Bank of America to correct the error.

He eventually had to show up on the day of the scheduled action, where he found the mistake had been discovered and the foreclosure process presumably cancelled. Even after all that, the man said he never did hear anything from BOA.

Clearly not typical, but not impossible either, it seems.

5 responses to “Daysog on wrongful foreclosure

  1. Terrible! I hope that doesn’t happen to me. I have stopped using my BoA visa card because of the negative publicity regarding this bank.

  2. I think perhaps the best bet for anyone with a mortgage problem (approval, foreclosure, etc..) is to “take it to Cordray.”


  3. Come back, Rick, please come back! We desperately need you! (And we miss your wicked laugh.)

  4. Countrywide aka Bank of America symbolizes what is terrible about the mortgage world. Christopher Dodd lost his office partly because of prefeenential
    treatment from BOA/Countrywid

  5. Richard Gozinya

    Hear that? That’s the sound of Angelo Mozila laughing like a hyena.

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