Feline Friday: Romeo gets locked down for the day

RomeoMr. Romeo has not been a good boy.

He’s been staying out late, even missing a meal or two, getting in fights. Then he wants to come in and find a lap to sit on. He’s got a wound on his left ear, which I’m trying to get healed up.

This morning, for example, he wasn’t here when all the cats get fed, about 5:30 a.m. And he still hadn’t shown up when we got back from our early walk, just after 7:30. A few minutes ago, about 8:10 a.m., I went out around the side of the house and called. After calling his name a few times, he came strolling out of the plants along that side. I carried him into the house and set him down in front of a bowl of food, and he’s been chowing down for several minutes.

And, through all this, we haven’t seen or heard any other cats that might be intruding on his territory or accounting for his wounds.

Yesterday afternoon I discovered where he’s been sleeping. It’s a nice spot at the edge of our yard, with rocks that soak up the heat of the sun, and a good view of the territory he’s obviously trying to defend.

I’m thinking Romeo has to be sentenced to a week of house arrest in order to try to break up this pattern.

In the meantime, Wally’s back being fussy about her food, but the rest of the cats seem to be doing fine. Or as fine as a bunch of neurotic oldsters can be.

[update: five minutes later, and Mr. Romeo barfed up all those kibbles. But I’ve locked down the cat doors. He’ll stay inside the rest of the day. He’s pacing around, letting me know that he’s not happy about the situation.]

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2 responses to “Feline Friday: Romeo gets locked down for the day

  1. In other words, Romeo’s a cat.

  2. Not coming in for meals, then barfing, sequestering himself alone in an unusual place — sounds like he’s sick, maybe a fever from the wound if it’s infected?

    Hang in there, Romeo! You shall be released.

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