After the storm passed

We were rained out yesterday morning, but ventured out for our early walk today despite the occasional lightening and intermittent rain.

I wasn’t at all sure whether that storm was coming or going. But you’ll get the idea.

I snapped a few pictures along the way.

Just click on the photo below for a few more.


One response to “After the storm passed

  1. Kauai’s version of this ‘major rain event’ was, as usual, fairly dramatic, Ian.

    Wudja believe 24 inches yesterday (after 9.5 inches Sunday), both of which are new records. Oh, and 6 inches in 1 hour (at 11AM Monday) stole the whole show.

    We didn’t even try to drive down our street, which looked more like rapids transit (heh).

    ‘Tis one diversion we didn’t need as we turn to vote on new Board members for our beloved co-op utility, after a fairly raucous 2-week campaign with strong community candidates seeking to sweep all three seats.

    Also typically for Kauai, there’s been a fair amount of grumbling among proponents of a greener, more cooperative co-op, as evidenced by this post by Andy Parx and my reply…FYI.

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