Feline Friday: Romeo set to pass 1.9 million views

Mr. RomeoI was glad to see Romeo sticking around the house this week. He spent the previous couple of weeks spending more time outside than we’re comfortable with, as evidenced by the weeks that went by without representation among the Friday Felines.

But this week he’s been sleeping around the house most of the day, with a little boundary patrol somewhere around mid-afternoon. And he’s been here waiting at meal times, rather than being tardy.

Right now he’s in my lap as I’m typing.

I guess he’s enjoying his stardom. His YouTube video is poised to pass 1.9 million views sometime this morning.

But I would still love to have a tiny camera strapped on him to see where he goes when he disappears.

Not much other cat news. Annie has been an active ratter over the past 12 hours, bringing one “gift” and snacking on another. Say no more.

–> Okay, see all of today’s Friday Felines.

One response to “Feline Friday: Romeo set to pass 1.9 million views

  1. I love cat photos as much as the next person, but it seems as if the local media are missing the big picture. This morning I encountered articles on fluoridation, the natatorium and college football scandals. Ho hum. No one is addressing the effects of a world with less oil and a tourist industry in permanent ruin. Local politicians are always talking about how we need to fund big local projects in order to prepare for the inevitable increase of Hawaii’s population, but it seems more likely that Hawaii is in for an inevitable decrease in population. What might the effects of this be ? The richest people in Hawaii would be unaffected by this, and the poorest cannot afford to leave Hawaii, so one might expect Hawaii’s middle class to shrink considerably. Also, how will all of this play out in local real estate markets?

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