Senate hearing likely to bring more UH disclosures

The hearing notice for Monday afternoon’s public hearing on the University of Hawaii’s failed Stevie Wonder concert before the Senate Special Committee on Accountability has been posted.

It includes a link where briefing materials will be posted.

Nothing posted there yet, but with all the documents being turned over to the committee, this will certainly be a place to watch.

There will almost certainly be further disclosures, since much of the information publicly released by the university so far has been heavily redacted. I don’t expect that the Senate committee will let those redactions go unchallenged. The only question is really how damaging any further disclosures will be to the university’s image in the community.

Olelo will be broadcasting the Senate hearing live on Oceanic’s Channel 49. It will also be available later through Olelo’s video on demand service.

It promises to be an interesting Monday afternoon, with more to come.

10 responses to “Senate hearing likely to bring more UH disclosures

  1. Yup. I see all of the folks at the UH are lawyering up to the max. I wonder if they are also taking tap dancing lessons on the side.

  2. maybe all parties will cite the “5th Amendment” 20+ times.


  3. One part of our government using taxpayer dollars to hire lawyers to obstruct another part of our government from investigating. Great!

  4. After all the golden parachutes, lawyers and PR folks are paid, UH leadership will have turned a $200,000 mistake, arising from a crime perpetrated against the University, into a seven figure embarassing public debacle of its own making.

    This is unconscionable. It demonstrates that the University lacks the leadership, competence and good intentions to maintain autonomy. Leaders do not lawyer up, run for cover, and blame other more junior members of their team or someone else’s team. They stand up, take the hit, and resolve to do better next time. The public can and should forgive honest mistakes when dealt with candidly. The public is also entitled to demand accountability when instead it is presented with excuses and blame shifting.

    If no one steps forward, we have our answer. Regents, do your job, and start the search committee. And please, please, stop looking to the mainland for soon-to-be-retiring-administrators looking for a cush final gig. We have a growing track record showing that approach just is not working.

  5. The students at Ka Leo, the UH newspaper, are demanding accountability. They are asking students to take action:

  6. Actually “Olelo” isn’t broadcasting this event. Instead, it’s being broadcast by “Capitol TV” statewide. Capitol TV has been the legislature’s broadcasting resource for about 16 years.

    On O’ahu, the hearing will indeed be available on ‘Olelo channel 49.

    Neighbor Island TV coverage would be through Ho’ike (Kauai, if they bother to carry it – they usually don’t carry anything from the legislature); Akaku will carry for Maui, and NaLeo will carry it for Big Island viewers.

  7. Worse yet we get called even more often to donate to UH. The people making money off this should be donating back to the school.

    Jim Donovan should donate half his salary back to UH. I would be embarrassed to take a job at the school in his situation.

  8. This continual dance between agencies, lawyers and politicians is the new trademark of modern Hawaii – sort of a Hula, if you will. Only this dance is meant to mesmerize, distract and keep the incompetence hidden “backstage.” Ironically, All the dysfunction is actually created by processes supposedly created to make a healthy accountability and transparency function correctly. We create organizations and they establish conflicting interests, more like building written rules that are mazes and rubic cubes, then call them policies. When agency directors and fat bureaucracies are about to get caught with their fingers in a vice another forest of trees gets created by attorneys so the truth can be obfuscated under the guise of fact-finding and real facts can be hidden under the guise of confidentiality. Then, of course, if it gets real gnarly backdated documents start appearing and shredders run at midnight. Jobs and reputations are salvaged – at least for the elite and crafty. In case none of this works, we have a legislature to pass laws creating agencies meant to clarify issues and assure accountability to the public -like the office of information practices which purports to protect the public from unwarranted secrecy but, in reality creates a means to prevent public review of much of anything. And, now, the legislature will be there to convene a hearing to look like they are important and concerned about getting to the truth of what they probably helped to disguise in the first place. In that way, becoming our knights in shining armor, at least to the weak-mended. And, if anyone smells a rat we can depend on the state ethics commission to conduct lots of important work they won’t talk about concerning things they won’t look at unless complained about and, then, if the culprit is important, perhaps let it ride for two years before sliding a press release under everyone’s door so no one will ask for any more truth behind the headline. Then, when the public starts to get bored, the “dance is over.”

    And, instead of demanding anything be done, we lumber on into the mental fog of the media and the blogs so we can satisfy ourselves that we and our favorite blogger really care when, in fact, we feed on this as much as the politicians and tolerate it like abused kids who think this is all supposed to be this way.

  9. Ive submitted questions and have spoken to committee members about the issues to be discussed on Monday.

    I called in an additional question to be asked of Jim Donovan after he was added to the list.

    When were you first notified that your contract as Director of Athletics would NOT be extended?

    According to insiders within the UH System that decision was made last fall.

    The same question should be asked of Virginia Hinshaw. She announced her decision not to request a contract extension in early spring 2011 – if I recall corrently. Was this a way of covering up being fired.

    Ian: What’s UH-Manoa’s Faculty Senate’s recall on Hinshaw’s decision.

    BTW – she’s earned a sabbatical and will be returning to work at the University as a researcher attached to the University’s John A. Burns School of Medicne.

    My position on what to do next? Get rid of Greenwood NOW before she does any further damage. If everyone in the state donated just one dollar, we could buy out the balance of her contract which expires on July 31, 2015.

    As for Apple, perhaps he should look for another job where he could be his own man from Day One.

  10. How can one divorce a CEO’s $500K salary from their accountability for the misdeeds of their subordinates?

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