Two Kaaawa views: Makai and Mauka (photos)

Meda was lecturing at a university just outside Toronto this week, and somehow I managed to get out the door a little early one somewhat damp morning despite all the early morning cat chores. The camera loved the pre-dawn light, with its deep, rich colors.

In any case, I’m sharing these two views from Swanzy Beach Park.

The top photo is looking up the coast towards Laie, where ominous clouds were the order of the day. The bottom photo is looking straight back towards the mountains. Our house is not visible, hidden by trees just below the ridge that runs down towards the lower far right side of the photo.



Both photos taken with a Canon 5D II and 40mm Canon “pancake” lens.

One response to “Two Kaaawa views: Makai and Mauka (photos)

  1. HECO simply must put its power lines underground. I use electricity, you use it, we all use it, and we all need it, but we can minimize its visual pollution, at least in areas where it’s more noticeable.
    It might be an expensive undertaking, but this constant battering to our senses has a high cost, too.

    Please, HECO.

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