Daily Archives: November 1, 2012

Teacher protests not likely to create room for solutions

Did you catch the Hawaii News Now story broadcast on Tuesday about teachers taking their complaints about Gov. Neil Abercrombie onto YouTube?

Teachers have started recording “open letters” to the Governor Neil Abercrombie and putting them online.

“I’m angry and I’m tired of you,” said Doug Robertson, Kaleiopuu Elementary School Fourth Grade Teacher, in a video he posted on YouTube. “Don’t make this about how much teachers care about their students. You obviously have no idea what it means to care about the people you’re supposed to be helping.”

The story then notes:

The videos are part of a grassroots effort to raise awareness and momentum for Hawaii Teachers. Others have picketed the Governor’s events and got Senate Candidate Mazie Hirono to pose with their signs.

Hmmmm. Knowing Gov. Abercrombie, I reallly don’t think the personal public attacks are a good idea, and not an effective lobbying tactic.

Neil is tough. And he can be stubborn. Pushing him like this almost guarantees he’ll dig in and hold his ground.

Teachers won’t win that kind of tug-of-war.

“Wake-up call”–Halloween edition (cat video)

This is really just the sequel to Romeo’s original YouTube video, “Wake-up call,” which just passed 2.2 million views.

This was a late afternoon wake-up call, when I thought it might be possible to get a quick nap at the end of a busy day, and Romeo thought it was time for me to get up and feed the cats.

What I forgot, as I tried to hold my position, is that I hadn’t trimmed Romeo’s claws in, well, quite a while.

So, the resulting 1-minute video earns the informal “Halloween edition” designation not only because I first posted it yesterday (October 31) but also because a person gets slightly injured in the process.

In the end, all was forgiven, of course.

Enough said.

Here’s Romeo!