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Feline Friday: All except Duke

Here I was on Friday morning, once again, camera in hand, trying to come up with enough photos for Feline Friday.

Ms. HarryI was doing okay. Luckily, Ms. Harry was outside and willing to pose. Romeo was a little fussy but finally cooperated. Eventually I just needed to get a good one of Mr. Duke. He was sleeping by the door to the front deck, and refused to look up. Finally I offered a bribe, shaking the little bag of “Temptations” cat treats that he’s wild about. So he looks up, sits up, I get the camera up and ready, and just then a car turned into our driveway. It was just turning around, but Duke didn’t wait to find out. He was off like a shot into his hiding place behind a chair in the living room. And, no, he wouldn’t come up.

So I ended up with seven of the eight cats in today’s gallery of Friday Felines.

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Cayetano supporter mistakenly reported as major donor to Caldwell

A Honolulu attorney says Kirk Caldwell’s mayoral campaign mistakenly listed him among those top contributors who gave $4,000, the maximum allowed by law.

But John R. “Jack” Dwyer, Jr. says he’s been actively backing Caldwell’s opponent, Ben Cayetano, and the error has put him in an embarrassing position.

“I don’t want my friends thinking I’m two-timing and playing both sides against the middle,” Dwyer said yesterday.

Dwyer said he has not contibuted to Caldwell’s 2012 campaign, and records confirm he has given $3,000 to Cayetano’s campaign committee. Dwyer said he has also asked others to support the former governor.

“I know Kirk and like him, but I did not contribute to his campaign,” Dwyer said. “I am adamantly opposed to rail. We can’t afford it, and we’re passing the bills on to our children and grandchildren.”

Dwyer said he learned about the error when his son called after seeing his name near the top of the Caldwell contributors list posted here on Wednesday.

Dwyer said he called the Campaign Spending Commission, which confirmed that his name, home address, and law firm had been reported by the Caldwell campaign along with the $4,000 contribution.

He then contacted Caldwell’s campaign treasurer, and was told the contribution was actually made by a Denis Dwyer.

I’m guessing this is Denis Dwyer, the D.C.-based lobbyist for Honolulu’s rail system. Infraconsult, the manager of the Honolulu rail project, has paid Dwyer’s firm over $1.2 million in lobbying fees since 2008, lobbyist records show.

Jack Dwyer did contribute $500 to Caldwell’s bid for the mayor’s seat in the 2010 special election following Mufi Hannemann’s resignation to run for governor. If his name and address were retained in the campaign database from this earlier contribution, it wouldn’t have been hard to confuse them as the recent contribution from Denis Dwyer was entered into the computer records.

Jack Dwyer said he was told that an updated and corrected contributors list is being prepared by the Caldwell campaign.