Feline Friday: All except Duke

Here I was on Friday morning, once again, camera in hand, trying to come up with enough photos for Feline Friday.

Ms. HarryI was doing okay. Luckily, Ms. Harry was outside and willing to pose. Romeo was a little fussy but finally cooperated. Eventually I just needed to get a good one of Mr. Duke. He was sleeping by the door to the front deck, and refused to look up. Finally I offered a bribe, shaking the little bag of “Temptations” cat treats that he’s wild about. So he looks up, sits up, I get the camera up and ready, and just then a car turned into our driveway. It was just turning around, but Duke didn’t wait to find out. He was off like a shot into his hiding place behind a chair in the living room. And, no, he wouldn’t come up.

So I ended up with seven of the eight cats in today’s gallery of Friday Felines.

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2 responses to “Feline Friday: All except Duke

  1. Ahhh… Temptations… our cats go ape over those… Pure cat crack.

  2. Off topic, but if you call the HECO customer service line to change service, and the rep asks you for marital status, last four digits of your ssn and date of birth, heads up. It’s a call center in Georgia.

    They solved the long wait for response to phone calls though, and other than the very unusual request for info, service was great.

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