Colors of dawn (photos)

Okay, they’ve got Stonehenge.

But we’ve got Heinekenge.

At least that seemed to be an appropriate label for what we found on the beach Sunday morning.

on the beach at dawn

Then there was this election day morning. Cloudy with a little rain. The vog and the rain made for good photos. Here are a couple.

Kaaawa morning

Kaaawa morning

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4 responses to “Colors of dawn (photos)

  1. Richard Gozinya

    Methinks the depression in the middle is simply the butt print.

  2. If that goes viral, I see some free beer in your future.

  3. Cute, but depressing that people are such uncaring slobs. And that they drink lousy beer.

  4. Why does Also Sprach Zarathustra sound in my head?

    But the colors are beautiful.

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