What are your favorite sources of election data and analysis?


I’m still trying to digest the election results and what they might mean.

Detailed Hawaii results are available online at the office of elections website, including both a pdf file showing results down to the precinct level, as well as a data file that can be downloaded for further analysis, if you’ve got the computer savvy to do that.

I’m still looking for the best available analysis of the national election results. Share your favorite sites, please, both for straight data and political analysis. I think there are lots of people looking for both detail and context.

The strangest point last night was when Hawaii News Now talking heads were saying that election results were delayed, but on the screen data were being reported from several races, including one showing Charles Djou ahead of Colleen Hanabusa by about a 2-1 margin, if I recall correctly. We didn’t hear any explanation or comment, and it wasn’t much later that the first official local results were reported.

Weirdest headline today: “In the election for the 2nd District, Tulsi Gabbard thrashes homeless handyman Kawika Crowley “

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  1. Rachel!

    Really wasn’t reading analysis in the moment, just catching what was going on.

    To that purpose, http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/president/obama_vs_romney_create_your_own_electoral_college_map.html


    and for general info, Democraticunderground.com

    Thanks for posing the question, Ian.

    I like Electoral-vote.com for simplicity but his servers were crashing all night.

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