Feline Friday: Yes, we survived the election

Mr DukeWell, we all survived the election season.

So Mr. Duke welcomes you to today’s Feline Friday.

I’m still struggling with Duke’s weight. I’m trying to cut down his food, and keep him on a path towards losing an ounce or two every month, but it hasn’t worked out that way. He is VERY good at finding any leftover food, and I struggle to keep ahead of him.

But he is looking pretty good these days.

Romeo has up to around 2.4 million views of his original “Wake Up Call” video, but his Halloween slasher video never took off.

Oh, after you check out the rest of today’s Friday Felines, you really should set aside time for a great show that aired on PBS this week. “Animal Odd Couples,” part of a new Nature series, was just outstanding in showing interspecies friendships. That link will get you both a preview as well as a link to the full episode. At least watch the first segment with the cheetah and his friend, the dog. Outstanding!

–> And now, without delay, see all of this Friday’s famous felines!

4 responses to “Feline Friday: Yes, we survived the election

  1. My opinion. These are all really nice looking cats but I think Toby is a stunner. Last week when you called Toby a “very satisfactory cat” my reaction was, who are you calling satisfactory? He is great! Of course I am only going on looks since I have no knowledge of personalities.

  2. I thank your cats for helping to restore (some) sanity today.

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