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Crime alert: Thieves take a lifetime of nets

It’s one of those little crimes that just makes you sick.

Thieves hit Ward Lemn’s Kaaawa home sometime overnight and made off with a priceless collection of fishing nets, some inherited from his father, that have been lovingly used, tended and repaired through the years.

We were walking home about 7:30 this morning as a police officer made out a report.

Of course, we stopped. Ward, who retired from Kamehameha Schools a few years ago, was close to tears, his voice breaking as he explained what had happened.

The nets were carefully laid out in a well-organized pile alongside the garage of his home. This morning they were gone.

What can you say?

We’ve watched Ward caring for the nets, doing repairs by hand, day after day when the fish are in season. We know how much these mean, the memories they carry for him.

I quickly grabbed a few of the photos that have appeared here in the past.

It’s hard to imagine that sense of loss.

And there can’t be that many people who can use nets of this kind.

Maybe, in that community of fishermen, word will get around quickly and the thieves will be caught. I hope so.

Kaaawa nets


Ward Lemn

Ward Lemn