Kaaawa Cats 2013 Calendar now available

CatsLooking for a nice holiday gift? How about a calendar featuring our felines of Kaaawa fame?

The Kaaawa Cats Calendar for 2013 is now officially available from Lulu.com.

Just click here for a preview or to place an order.

My first batch of calendars arrived, and the printing up to Lulu’s high standards. And the photos, well, I’m biased.

To tell you the truth, I make up these calendars every year primarily to give away as gifts to friends and relatives. Along the way, a few of you cat lovers purchase a few every year. I believe the price is set $1.49 above actual print cost, so I don’t make much money off the project.

2 responses to “Kaaawa Cats 2013 Calendar now available

  1. Ian, I like your calendar and I like the idea… but when I checked out possibly making my own via Lulu, the prices I see are considerably higher than what you are selling yours for. So… what’s the secret? Drop me an email if you don’t want to comment here – up to you.


  2. 610 Stompers calendar is 20.00

    So Ka’aawa cats are not so bad!


    Still it’s junk that they changed it on you without notice!

    I wonder what Professional Image would charge? They are pretty great.

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