Dayton leaves journalism, again

Today was Kevin Dayton’s last day as a reporter for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, according to a report earlier this week in Pacific Business News.

Dayton will be picking up where he left off with the administration of Big Island mayor Billy Kenoi.

According to PBN:

Dayton, who was the executive assistant to the Hawaii County mayor for about two-and-a-half years prior to joining the Star-Advertiser’s staff in October 2011, said he is returning to that job, although the title could be changed. His last day at the Star-Advertiser is Friday and he starts his new job on Monday.

“My wife and family are on the Big Island, and while I love journalism it has been a strain to go back and forth,” Dayton said.

Count me among the Star-Advertiser readers who will miss Dayton’s reporting.

3 responses to “Dayton leaves journalism, again

  1. To be replaced with a rail cheerleader methinks.

  2. I was impressed with Mr. Dayton’s ability to reach out to others in the non-traditional media field when he was the Mayor’s Assistant the first run around.

    I hope this will provide more access to the Mayor and our county government in general.

  3. i am actually pleased that during a critical election year —- where rail was such an emotional and divisive issue —- there was an excellent, unbiased, research-driven reporter who covered rail for Honolulu. people should be applauding the SA and Dayton for their professional approach that benefits the entire island. i certainly wish we employed more reporters of this caliber in Hawaii, but newspapers cannot and will not make the investment.

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