Feline Friday: Meet the kittens

kittensIt’s another Feline Friday and, as promised, time to meet two new kittens!

No, not ours! Eight cats at home are enough. These kittens live next door.

Casey and Cookie have just recently been adopted by our neighbors, David and Sandra. Casey, the little male, arrived first, and was joined by Cookie after it became apparent that one wild kitten deserved another.

David also happens to be our regular cat sitter, and as we prepared to leave for a week in New Zealand, we took a break to meet the kittens. What a treat!

“Kitty TV” is what we call the antics of kittens. You can watch them for hours going from one game of stalking to another.

So don’t wait any longer….

–> Take me to all the kitten pics in this photo gallery of Friday Felines!

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  1. Thanks Ian for the great photos! Your feline family sends their love. They’re missing you.

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