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Another Big Island reporter leaves journalism

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tiffany Edwards Hunt’s commentary on the Hawaii County Inauguration Day doings.

She gives an insightful play-by-play on the county council’s first meeting, including hints on the new political lineups and alliances, and then gets to important stuff–staff appointments by new council members. This is the kind of nuts & bolts reporting that would be useful for understanding the Honolulu City Council.

Tiffany reports:

Peter Sur, of Hawaii Tribune Herald, is going to work as Dennis Onishi’s Council aide.

I have to compliment Onishi for choosing such a smart staffer. Peter will find life as a legislative assistant to be complementary to journalism. And, not working for Stephens Media, he won’t go home feeling like he wants to kick his dog.

And, so, with that I could segue into another story about another reporter leaving journalism for a job at the County of Hawaii.

Sur was in the middle of a labor dispute at the Hawaii Tribune-Herald that started back in March 2006 when he and Dave Smith were suspended for recording a meeting with an editor, and eventually led to ruling against the newspaper’s union busting by the Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. earlier this year.

Also recommended: Joan Conrow’s comments on the Kauai County Police Commission’s decision to appeal a ruling in a case involving the relative authority of the commission and the mayor in dealing with the chief of police. The vote reversed a previous decision not to take the case any further.

Conrow explained:

The Police Commission, meanwhile, has changed its mind and decided to appeal Judge Randal Valenciano’s decision that Mayor Bernard Carvalho had the authority to suspend Chief Darryl Perry last February. I was told that two commissioners wanted to approve an appeal at the Nov. 14 meeting, when it was voted down, but were intimidated by the presence of the mayor, an ex-officio member of that panel.

Apparently, they collected their courage in the last two weeks. Charlie Iona, who had been absent from the Nov. 14 meeting due to heart surgery, added his vote to the affirmative at last Friday’s session.

The Garden Island reports that the commission will be asking the County Council for money to fund the appeal, though Corlis Chang of Goodsill Anderson Quinn and Stifel reportedly had offered to do it pro bono before the first vote was taken.

It’s unfortunate that the mayor chose to turn his disappointment about the most recent vote into a personal attack on the integrity of some commissioners:

Feline Friday: Welcome to Kaaawa

Mr. RomeoMr. Romeo welcomes you to another Feline Friday.

Romeo has been wandering this week. It could be because of the visiting dogs from down the hill. It could also be part of his job, I suppose. He considers himself the top cat, which entails defending our territory from, well, whoever happens to wander by.

In any case, he’s been out the past few nights (although he spent all last night in our bed), and he made himself scarce most of yesterday. The visiting dogs made several passes through our yard, which could be a relevant fact.

In any case, Romeo did show up in the late afternoon to line up for dinner. I grabbed camera, and this shot was a result.

Isn’t he handsome?! He’s 2.4 million views handsome, according to the latest from YouTube. And this is a particularly macho pose.

In other cat news…Wally is doing a bit better. Her appetite is still somewhat depressed, but the pills are available when needed. Silverman is, well, still not doing well. He’s on a long, downward slide. His regular vet suggests that we may have to start some fluid therapy, meaning dripping saline solution into him. We’ve done this before with other cats, never with great success. We will have to see what happens.

Other cats doing fine, or so we believe.

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