Morning Dogs: The regulars

VisitorsThis fine pair of friendly dogs have been “visiting” from down the hill. They come across the street, then trot up through the bushes into our yard. The cats let us know when the dogs arrive. The cats all go on full alert, then dash for hiding places under chairs, under the bed, in closets, etc. Perhaps one or two will be brave and stand on alert, keeping watch. I have to go out and encourage the visitors to head back to their own house.

I probably shouldn’t have given the little guy a biscuit. He turns out to be the alpha dog.

In any case, I got pictures of the dogs on this morning’s walk. I managed to get photos of all but a couple (Lucy and Piko stayed out of camera range).

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One response to “Morning Dogs: The regulars

  1. Yea dogs! That little guy who visits is the definition of cute.

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