Daily Archives: December 11, 2012

The Past-and-Future Speaker has few grassroots

Judging from Rep. Joe Souki’s campaign records, the Maui Democrat’s grassroots have gone missing.

Souki’s campaign raised a total of $49,725 during the 2012 election cycle.

Of that amount, 84 percent of the total, or $41,750, came in amounts of more than $100, the threshold for public disclosure of contributors.

And in a quick check of those contributors identified in Souki’s reports to the Campaign Spending Commission, I couldn’t find one contribution from a person qualified to vote for the candidate. Virtually all the large contributions came from corporations, PACs, lobbyists, and other interests based outside of his district.

It’s possible there were some actual constituents buried among the 16 percent who contributed in amounts of $100 or less, but not necessarily.

I noted that Souki held a mid-session fundraiser earlier this year in a meeting room off the lobby at the Outrigger Ohana East hotel. Campaign records show the campaign paid only $248.44 for use of the room, a bargain given that food for the fundraiser was not provided by Outrigger.

You can see all of Souki’s campaign reports at the Campaign Spending Commission website, and a good summary overview is available here.