Sad details of Tuesday accident in Hauula

The “breaking news” item in the Star-Advertiser was quite brief and “just the facts”: “Two hurt in Hauula motorcycle-pedestrian accident“. This is just a few miles up the road from us, so we notice these news reports.

A 32-year-old female motorcyclist struck a 66-year-old male pedestrian in Hauula Tuesday, seriously injuring him.

The motorcyclist was traveling about 30 mph to 35 mph Kahuku-bound when she struck the man at 6:15 p.m. at Kukuna Road and Kamehameha Highway.

Emergency Medical Services paramedics said the woman was driving behind her boyfriend when he swerved to avoid the pedestrian. The woman was unable to avoid the pedestrian.

The pedestrian was in serious condition; the woman was in stable condition, and both were taken by ambulance to a hospital, an EMS email said.

But there’s more to the story, as I learned from a friend of the victim.

The pedestrian, Frank, is a retired physician’s assistant, a Vietnam War vet, who had moved to enjoy the country life in Hauula with his dog, who was his constant companion.

The two lived across from the beach on Kukuna Road, and were on their way to or from an early evening walk on the beach. The sunset was at 5:50, and twilight ended at 6:15, according to data from the U.S. Naval Observatory. That means it would have been dark at 6:15 when the accident happened.

According to his friend:

…a car slowed/stopped to let him cross. Two motorcyclists behind the car thought the car was going to turn and crossed into the oncoming traffic lane. The first bike was able to miss Frank as he emerged from the blind spot created by the car but the second hit him, injuring him terribly and killing his dog.

He worries about his friend’s serious injuries and about the threat of hospital diseases like MRSA and pneumonia.

Then he added:

What worries me most, ‘tho, is the death of his dog. Frank doesn’t know yet that he was killed and I’m afraid that, when he does, it will just finish him off, destroying any will to live he has left.

This is all so sad.

We walk along Kamehameha Highway in Kaaawa early every morning. At this time of year, it’s dark when we leave, and it’s getting light by the time we get to the far end of Kaaawa. It’s a two lane road with shoulders that are narrow (if they exist at all). We try to be careful, cross the highway only when there are no cars, but are mindful that there have been similar accidents here as well.

And then there’s the dog. So very sad.

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  1. former motorcyclist

    I am sure the 32-year-old motorcyclist is beside herself and will be for along time.

    But all of my sorrow, every bit of it, is for the killed pet dog and his innocent old friend who will suffer.

    yes, this was a legal “accident”, but the 32-year-old motorcyclist took a risk, and she took a beloved animal’s life because her risk led to an accident. totally could have been avoided. motorcyclists need to ride with at least 5x the caution of everything else; their reaction time and maneuvering is extremely limited.

    — former motorcyclist who never got into an “accident”

    • To the former motorcyclist
      There is no such thing as a legal accident when a person is crossing the street with the right of way – the motorcyclists are fully responsible for their actions and will be in a legal mess when the driver of the car tells the police what happened. They should have noticed the man and his dog . They never noticed the victims and at 35 miles an hour,
      going recklessly around a car that is stopped will cost them dearly.

  2. Were the motorcyclists tourists?

  3. Relative of the victim

    I’m am a relative of the victim. Never mind legal ACCIDENT. This girl will face the consequences of her actions and will have to answer to charges of civil and criminal liability for breaking the law. When the car allowed him to pass the motorcyclists should never have passed the car up by going around it and CROSSING INTO THE ONCOMING TRAFFIC LANE. They should have slowed down behind the damn car. THIS NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED! We are lucky he wasn’t killed. His injuries are severe. Pray for him.

  4. It was neither necessary nor appropriate for you to “out” the death of Frank’s dog while his east coast family is worrying about him and he is struggling to recover at the hospital. Neither you nor your source should have released that information.

  5. This is truly heartbreaking. When someone slows down for me or stops to let me pass (when I’m on bike or walking), I usually wave them on. Pedestrians must always watch out.

  6. Just this morning in Kailua, I rolled down my window, shook a “no, no” finger at three Japanese tourists jay walking near BOH . They totally ignored the cross walk a few feet Ewa. I am wondering,” Where are our Kailua policemen”?

  7. The Kailua policemen are down at Kailua Beach Park going after anyone who might be operating a commercial activity.

    I am not being snarky here – at least one police officer is on duty inside the park and another one just outside the beach park entrance – every day from just after 8 am to late afternoon

  8. Re: Police in Kailua… either @ KB Park… or Zippy’s… or Starbucks… not kidding.

    Re: pedestrians & traffic: I’m appalled @ the blatant jaywalking going on in Kailua now. Impatient people fly through a really crowded section of town now that includes Longs, Lanikai Juice, CPK, Whole Paycheck, Starbucks, and all the little shops around there, and tons of jaywalking tourists let off by the busload. I’m expecting Kailua to be in the news soon enough about a pedestrian death or injury.

  9. I do a lot of early morning running and evening walk of the dog. I am going to put in a plug for the “Firefly” light by RoadID ( It’s small, it clips on my pocket or shorts or hat or dog collar, it lives in the key tray by the door, and it makes me visible in the dawn and dusk/dark. The kids clip it on when they go up to the park with the dog in the evening as well.

    In this case it sounds very much like the motorcycle drivers were incredibly negligent, but even when cars are driving legally, it is amazing how hard it is to see pedestrians (and cyclists) in the evening if they are not lit up. This is an easy (and very cost effective) solution.

  10. According to the number of police cars parked around the Kailua Police Station, there are more than two police officers stationed in Kailua. I am wondering what type of orientation is given the Japanese tourists by the tour operators who drop them off to wonderespect for Hawaii’s Laws?

  11. These iPads really mess up my spelling! No such word as wonder respect!I meant to say wonder Kailua…Respect for Hawaii’s laws.that info had always been provided in every country that I have traveled.

  12. From all of us at the Humane Society, our hearts are with this man. If you know the pet owner, our pet loss grief counselor can call if it’s desired. If we know what hospital and room we can send a pet-people team to visit to wish him well with a cold nose and furry face.

  13. I’ve been a friend of frank’s for 40 years, and had just spent 3 weeks at his house taking care of his dog and bird. He will be devestated by the loss of his beloved little corgi–as will his friends and neighbors–One of my son’s was a motorcycle rider and I know full well the dangers of such accidents–and the terrible injuries they risk to others and themselves. I can only pray for my dear friend and the young woman who hit him.

  14. What a terribile accident caused by an impatient motorist.

    I also cross Kam highway at Swanzy Beach park almost daily walking our dogs. At least once a week there is some idiot that either A) passes the slowing cars on the LEFT over the double yellow line or B) passess the slowing cars on the RIGHT by swerving into shoulder. Twice the (B) approach resulted in me and our dogs almost getting hit because a motorcyclist decided to swerve around the cars.

    Just a month ago, my wife was stopped on Kam highway waiting to cross the traffic and turn into the 7-11. A woman in a car behind here was very impatient and zoomed past her on the left over the double yellow line just as my wife started to turn. It was a very loud crash that resulted in no injuries but $5K in damage to my wife’s car and the totaling of the idiot driver’s car as she spun around a hit a pole.

    She apologize and said she was really in a hurry to get home after a long day. She was 1/4 mile from home.

    What is it with drivers that cross over the double yellow line to pass??

  15. no one should risk a life just to hurry home or anywhere else–places wait–life is so fragile–pray for frank .

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