Feline Friday: Breaking and entering

DrugsThis was the scene last night in the hallway that leads down to our bedroom. I thought Annie had gone hunting and was stretched out surrounded by feathers. But on closer inspection, it was clear she went hunting, but not for food. She tracked down a bag of fine catnip, ripped it open, and spread the treasure around for all to enjoy.

It was obviously a hit with all the cats, and they quickly converged on the scene.

So click on the photo, or the following link, to see all of today’s Friday Felines.

3 responses to “Feline Friday: Breaking and entering

  1. Russel Yamashita

    Looked like rat droppings at first glance!

  2. I think you staged this for your feline Friday shots.

  3. It starts out as recreational catnip use and, sure, it’s easy to overlook and thereby enable that behavior. Later, though, when the cats are out jacking tourists on Kamehameha Highway and peddling their furry little rear ends to afford their fix of Nepeta cataria, you won’t think it so amusing.

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