Daily Archives: December 19, 2012

Can there be too much sunshine?

That’s the question I asked in my Civil Beat column this morning (“Hawaii Monitor: Can There Be Too Much Sunshine in Government?“).

Please stop over at Civil Beat and check it out. I expect my thoughts will be controversial and, hopefully, trigger some insightful discussion. Don’t be shy about commenting.

Rain before dawn (photo)

It was damp and threatening when we left the house this morning for our daily walk to the beach at dawn. Definitely umbrella weather, except that the wind was likely to render those umbrella’s less than effective.

Yesterday’s early morning weather was about the same, and we got pretty wet. Today, though, we lucked out. Much of that distant rain drifted off in other directions, and we never did have to deploy the umbrellas.

Here’s a flavor of the morning as we walked along Kamehameha Highway near Polinalina Road.

Distant rain

[Canon S100, my walkabout camera, ISO 640, 1/10th second, f/2.0]

Senator Inouye’s legislative legacy?

Here’s a question for those with more knowledge of Senator Dan Inouye’s career: What do you think will be considered his most important or enduring legislative legacy?

I’m thinking here in terms of legislation. Spark Matsunaga is remembered for his long efforts that resulted in creation of the U.S. Institute of Peace. Patsy Mink’s name is forever associated with Title IX, the Patsy Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act, which guaranteed women equal access to all parts of academic life, including athletics.

What will be remembered as Inouye’s legislative legacy? Your suggestions, please.