Can there be too much sunshine?

That’s the question I asked in my Civil Beat column this morning (“Hawaii Monitor: Can There Be Too Much Sunshine in Government?“).

Please stop over at Civil Beat and check it out. I expect my thoughts will be controversial and, hopefully, trigger some insightful discussion. Don’t be shy about commenting.

7 responses to “Can there be too much sunshine?

  1. Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…
    Sunshine in my eyes can make me cryyyyyyyy

  2. Maybe too much in theSahara or Death Valley, never in government or the courts.

    • Can’t think of an exception, Hugh? Not even if it was your personnel file that was under examination, or your child’s mental health records?

  3. Why would county council or planning commission be looking at our daughter’s non-existent mental health records ? I have no further job aspirations but they can quickly learn of my 1971 firing that turned out to be a key lifetime promotion.

    I would be far more alarmed if they were planning to discuss such matters in a closed-door session!

    Not much good can happen in a secret meeting.

    • family courts often look at children’s personal records. Point I was making is that there are many instances where closed court proceedings serve a public purpose.
      And courts have regularly allowed legislative bodies to close their meetings to discuss personnel issues.

  4. Off topic – nice photo of the sun in the Civil Beat article – but it would have been even nicer to include one of your wonderful sunrise photos, Ian!

  5. I think Ian brought up a good point with the Duke Bainum rail example. On the whole, however, I’d rather let the sun shine in. I think part of the problem, as mentioned, is that people take it farther than was intended.

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