Great customer service from Brenthaven

Here’s a little tale of great customer service.

I’ve been looking for a new iPhone 5 case. I had initially bought the same kind used on my previous iPhone, a soft case that covered the back and sides, with cut-outs for the various controls and ports. It worked, felt good, but covered all of the phone except for the screen.

When we got our new phones, I decided to look for something that left more of the phone exposed so that the style and feel could be enjoyed. I wanted to touch the sleek lines of this phone rather than cover them up.

iPhone 5 caseWhen an email arrived from Brenthaven announcing their new case designed for the iPhone 5, I was hooked. But there was a problem. The case itself cost $39.95, and on top of that shipping to Hawaii was only via 2-day express for something like $30. The combined cost was an effective deterrent.

Then the case went on a 50%-off sale, but the high shipping charge remained. I sent a plaintive email to customer support asking of there were any way to have it mailed to Hawaii via USPS, not really expecting a substantive reply.

But in very short order, Brenthaven responded. Jillian, a sales specialist, offered a workaround. She advised me to place the order, but have it shipped to their address in Seattle, then email her the order number. She flagged it when it arrived in Seattle from their warehouse, and reshipped it to Honolulu for a modest price. Although I was a bit nervous about the two-step process, it went very smoothly and the case arrived quickly.

This was great service on a sale that didn’t net them much money. But it did certainly build my customer loyalty.

It’s my second experience with Brenthaven’s customer service. The first time was when an O-ring where the strap attached to my Brenthaven case for my MacBook Pro broke. Recalling their lifetime warranty, I contacted the company. Unfortunately, they said there wasn’t an easy fix for the broken part on a discontinued bag. However, they also offered an 80 percent discount on a new case. I’ve been pleased with the replacement, and still happy about the service.

So consider this a plug for this company and their products. They’re doing a lot right.

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  1. A lifetime warranty is a lifetime warranty-they should have given you another case and if that model was no longer available then the current model.

  2. I found a pharmacy one day, Boots Pharmacy, in Britain that won my loyalty. The only problem is that until two years ago it was impossible for me to need any pharmacy anywhere because – I am not making this up – I’m never ever sick. But alak! Suddenly one day I was harboring a “toenail fungus” and I knew it because it hurt. I enquired at a Boots Pharmacy in London and was instantly told, here is a bottle made just for that. I found a stairwell, sat down and I rubbed it on and chemical reactions followed and bazaam! I haven’t been sick since.

    But yesterday I bought a $3.69 bottle of Drano from Long’s Drug Store at Ala Moana Shopping Center. I had been plunging my bathtub drain for days and days with a mightily efficient plunger I has bought especially last week from Wal Mart all to no avail. The Drano instructions said pour in half the bottle. There was water so only room for a little bit Drano – but then bazaam!


  3. Thanks for the Tip

    Following your posts, both my brother and I purchased this case in 2013. Subsequently, my brother and I each dropped our respective iPhones (the incidents took place months apart). Each case saved the phone, but the case also broke in the process (the corners each broker off). Brenthaven replaced our cases promptly and professionally. Amazing customer service. I will certainly continue to shop there.

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