Three chickens, 12 garlic cloves, and one coconut–a vintage curry recipe

I’ve got two oldies to share for today.

First, several vintage recipes found among the correspondence files of Carey D. Miller, professor of home economics and a nutritionist who trained several generations of local women in the science of food. She taught at the University of Hawaii from 1921 to 1961, if I recall correctly.

These gems include Chicken Curry (Patchi Kothmalli Curry). A handwritten note at the top says, “Recipe from Madras (Miss Kausalya friends).”

It calls for, among other ingredients, three chickens, 12 green chills, 12 garlic cloves, 18 leaflets curry leaf (murkaya koenigi), and the milk of one coconut.

The chicken curry is accompanied by mutton and rice pilan, coconut chutney, tomato chutney, cauliflower and mince meat, and payassum.

This is all serious looking stuff.

Click here for the two pages of recipes.

The second item is an old photo of what looks like University Avenue just above the UH campus and looking up into Manoa Valley. I found it in my mother’s scrapbook along with other pictures taken around 1940. At the time, she was on the staff of the UH Home Economics Department.

Looking into Manoa Valley

If you would like to see more detail, just click on the photo to see a larger version.

7 responses to “Three chickens, 12 garlic cloves, and one coconut–a vintage curry recipe

  1. Ian — during this difficult time, as you peruse through your dear Mother’s belonging, there are those in my Department who might be very interested in hearing about your mother’s work with Carey Miller. As things evolved, Dr. Miller would have been in my Department and we have two portraits in our building that honor Dr. Miller. Contact me privately.

  2. Doesn’t look much different now.

  3. Ian, any thoughts on where one might get murkaya koenigi in Hawaii???? I would love to try this recipe! Experimentation!

  4. another name might be “Murraya koenigii”

  5. There is a also a curry leaf tree growing right outside Hamilton Library!

    Also, the nursery/hardware store at the beginning of Sand Island road used to sell 4″ starter plants.

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