Kamehameha Day Parade, Honolulu, 1940 (photos)

Where were these photos of the 1940 Kamehameha Day parade taken?

I found the small snapshots in my mother’s scrapbook. Hopefully someone will know exactly where it was. Comment below, please!



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  1. Constantinos Papacostas

    Dear Ian,

    It was a pleasant surprise for me to see the 1940s parade pictures you have posted. I do have an answer about the exact location of the first picture that shows a building with rounded corner named KAPIOLANI.

    That building was at the mauka-ewa corner of King and Alakea street that was completed in 1903 and razed c. 1971 to make room for the Pacific Tower at Bishop Square.

    The building served as City Hall for about 10 years in the 1920s.

    On Nov. 2012, Dec. 2012 and Jan. 2013, I wrote three historical vignettes about this building because it had served as the meeting place of the Honolulu Engineering Association (est. 1902, now Engineers and Architects of Hawaii, of which I am a recent past president).

    My first article includes an architectural rendition of the original building (before it received the facade shown in your photograph).




    • Constantinos Papacostas


      The multistory building in the back of the photograph is the Alexander Young Building that stretched along Bishop Street between King and Hotel.

      • Once you identified the Kapiolani Block, the Alexander Young became clear. My great grandfather, Robert William Cathcart, collapsed and died of a heart attack alongside the old Alexander Young early in the 20th century.

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