On the beach 1941 (photos)

[text]I’m still just beginning the process of going through my mother’s photographs, most of which I don’t recall seeing before. This photo was taken on Kahala Beach, probably in 1941. One thing you notice is how much more sand there was back in that era. The sand is quite wide in this photo. Kahala didn’t look much like that the last time I walked the beach.

In any case, just click on the picture to see all of today’s “on the beach” photographs.

3 responses to “On the beach 1941 (photos)

  1. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Russel Yamashita

    The beach may have been wider (aka had lots more sand back then) but it could have also been low tide as well.

  3. Kahala Beach has lost much of its sand because residents built illegal sea walls. The beachfront house in which I grew up used to have a beautiful sandy beach covering the frontage. I rode my horse on the beach. We did not have a sea wall. But later many neighbors erected walls. It is sad.

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