Daily Archives: February 1, 2013

Feline Friday: Ms. Harry thought the burger looked good

Ms. HarryMs. Harry, also known as Harriet, welcomes you to another Feline Friday. It’s been a sad week, but the cats have done their best to keep us cheered up.

Last night, Harriet set herself up next to my plate when the burgers came off the grill. And she successfully negotiated a few tasty tidbits, relying on me as a soft touch.

So just click on the Harriet Burger photo to see the rest of today’s Friday Felines. A long week, but the show must go on.

Seventy years in the same house

Old KahalaMy mother lived in this 916 square foot house along Kealaolu Avenue in old Kahala for 70 years. Today it’s pretty much as it was when they bought it in 1942. The house is much as it was, but the yard, and the neighborhood, have changed dramatically.

Yesterday my sister and I surveyed the situation in the house and tried to make a general plan for attacking all the “stuff.” My mother was a pack rat and a genealogist. The house is like a poorly organized genealogical library put together over time by someone who was going to get around to that organizing stuff “any time now.” There are the folders tracking individuals or families we are (or might be) related to across the U.S., England, and beyond. Then there are random notes, or a few sheets of research, that turn up in odd places, in the middle of a stack of bank account records, or in old newspaper clippings, or tucked inside a book. They’re everywhere!

My sister, Bonnie, gave me a key to the house yesterday while we were working, and I realized that it’s the first time I have ever had a key. When I was growing up, a key was unnecessary because the house was never locked. Later, it was unnecessary because there was a spare key in a hidden spot where I could always find it.

It’s a new day.

In any case, click on the photo to see a few more pictures of their Kahala home, then and now.