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How about that Pacific Resource Partnership!

The Carpenters Union continued to funnel money into campaign coffers of the Pacific Resource Partnership even after November’s general election, according to PRP’s latest reports filed with the Campaign Spending Commission. PRP, of course, is the group which spearheaded the anti-Cayetano efforts during to 2012 Honolulu mayoral campaign.

PRP reported receiving $238,005.43 from the Hawaii Carpenters Market Recovery Program Fund in three separate payments made during November and December of last year. This came in addition to the more than $3.2 million received up through the November election.

However, reports filed by the Carpenters Market Recovery Program Fund claimed no disbursements of any kind during the November-December period.

It’s just another oddity in the confusing trail of money that poured into the anti-Cayetano/pro-rail campaign efforts last year.

Pacific Resource Partnership had reported $101,331.71 in unpaid bills as of election day, and the amounts spent int he last two months of the year apparently covered these expenses and other late bills.

PRP reported spending a total of $75,680.22 in the November-December period for salaries and related costs, and another $4,488.09 to rent vans for its field workers who went door to door in certain neighborhoods during the campaign.

Other expenses went for media production and consulting costs, polling; $12,072.79 for phones (perhaps phone banking?), and $7,500 for a “micro target project.”

A Priory Reunion (in 1915)

Another bit of history…

A reunion in 1915 brought together women who had attended St. Andrew’s Priory School in Honolulu prior to 1900.

My grandmother, Lani (Cathcart) Yonge, was one of those at the reunion.

This is apparently the official photo of the event, found among my mother’s photos.


As usual, click on the photo to see a larger version.

My mother also saved notes identifying some of those in the photograph, based on information gathered in the 1950s from my grandmother and a close friend.

I’m including this information, which might be meaningful to other local families in search of their history.

St. Andrews Priory Alumni Reunion (about 1915?)
Students who were at the Priory prior to 1900.

The names shown below include those definitely identified in the 1950s by Lani (Cathcart) Yonge and Gretchen (Luce) Akana.

Front Row, including seated adults number 1 through 6.

#1: Mary Ann Dow

#3: unknown holding child, Marguerite Yonge (my mother’s older sister)

#4: unknown, holding child, Helen Yonge (my mother)

Their mother, Lani (Cathcart) Yonge, is marked as #17.

#5: Mrs. Leopold Kroll

Second Row: Numbers 7-23

#8 Lily Crow

#13 Leopold Kroll

#15 Part of a face behind column, unknown

#16 Bertleman? Boyd?

#17: In back of #16, face and hat visible, Lani Yonge

#20: Rosina Lambert

Third Row: Numbers 24-34

#31: Alice Ayers

#32: Juliet Perry Keiffer Vierra

#33 Eliza Enos (?)

#34 Grace Pu (?)

Others mentioned by not placed

Elizabeth Kaeo
Sybil Dominis
Clara Pomeroy Maile
Anna Davis
Beatrix Carter Bell