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Ethics controversy a standoff between current and former ethics directors

The State Ethics Commission’s application of key ethics provisions to members of temporary state task forces is again causing headaches.

Civil Beat’s Nathan Eagle described the latest go-around over SB893, which was notable for pitting testimony by former commission director Dan Mollway (who supported the bill) against the commission’s current director, Les Kondo, who strongly opposed the measure.

Click here to read the testimony as submitted.

Mollway says the commission’s interpretation of a key ethics provision is “clearly incorrect” and a “clear misunderstanding” of the law.

In his testimony, Mollway referred to my post here on August 29, 2011 (“Ethics Commission should take a second look at lobbying restriction“), as well as his subsequent comment.

I think Kondo is correct in saying that this legislative intrusion into the commission’s business is a dangerous precedent. However, in this case, I also think the commission has created the problem by staking out an overly broad and controversial position on this issue.

I doubt this is the last we’ll be hearing about this matter.

Fair warning: Moderation

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