Daily Archives: February 15, 2013

Feline Friday: Everybody but Duke

Silverman & WallyWelcome to another Feline Friday!

Mr. Duke was camera shy this week, but the other seven make their appearances.

Today’s greeting is from an unusual duo, Mr. Silverman and Ms. Wally. It’s been chilly, so we put a towel out on the counter for Silverman to sleep on. There are also other towels out on a couple of chairs where cats like to spend time.

This time, though, Ms. Wally couldn’t resist the clean towel, and she moved in on Silverman’s spot. Neither one would retreat, so they just plunked down and went to sleep. It’s unusual for our cats to sleep together, so I had to grab a camera and get the picture.

In any case, it’s been relatively quiet in the feline part of the family. They’re happy that the rain stopped. These cats do not like to be trapped inside by wet weather, even if they usually just sleep on the deck or chew on a little grass in the yard.

–>In any case, enjoy all of today’s Friday Felines!

Sympathy from an unidentified source

Harry & DavidThis is all uncharted territory for us.

This week, a box of assorted fruit and treats arrived was delivered to the Kaaawa post office by Harry & David. It contained the sympathy card show above, and several additional references to the someone or someones who sent this gift.

But nowhere is the source identified.

So what are we to do? We don’t know who sent it and so can’t properly thank them.

I’m posting this in hopes that the source will get the word that their gift arrived and is much appreciated.

Beyond that, I feel a bit guilty, as if we’ve failed in some way.

Can I just say: Thank you.

We appreciate your support and your sympathy for the loss of my mom.

If you want to contact me privately, just email.

Airport visitor information: Not so much

The last time I checked, our state is still heavily dependent on visitors who make up our largest industry.

So I’m still shocked to see the empty “visitor information” counters at airports across the sate.

The top photo was taken in Kahului in January.


The bottom photo was taken a week ago in Honolulu.

Both flights were mid-day, prime time arrivals.

When we fly to Portland, a much smaller airport, visitor information desks are staffed by volunteers who are both friendly and extremely helpful, providing info on airport transportation, a quick primer on the local rail system, and so on.

In Honolulu, not so much.


Surprisingly, the Honolulu Airport website claims a robust visitor information program:

Visitor Information staff are available from 4:30 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. (Hawaii time) daily to assist travelers with questions, comments or concerns. Information desks are located throughout the airport.

That certainly hasn’t been our experience.

So what’s the real story? It’s looking to me like another embarrassing lapse that adds to the impression that Hawaii’s Airports Division just isn’t up to playing in the big leagues.