Feline Friday: Everybody but Duke

Silverman & WallyWelcome to another Feline Friday!

Mr. Duke was camera shy this week, but the other seven make their appearances.

Today’s greeting is from an unusual duo, Mr. Silverman and Ms. Wally. It’s been chilly, so we put a towel out on the counter for Silverman to sleep on. There are also other towels out on a couple of chairs where cats like to spend time.

This time, though, Ms. Wally couldn’t resist the clean towel, and she moved in on Silverman’s spot. Neither one would retreat, so they just plunked down and went to sleep. It’s unusual for our cats to sleep together, so I had to grab a camera and get the picture.

In any case, it’s been relatively quiet in the feline part of the family. They’re happy that the rain stopped. These cats do not like to be trapped inside by wet weather, even if they usually just sleep on the deck or chew on a little grass in the yard.

–>In any case, enjoy all of today’s Friday Felines!

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  1. Meow,meow,meow…..meow! zzzzzzzzzz…..

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