Sympathy from an unidentified source

Harry & DavidThis is all uncharted territory for us.

This week, a box of assorted fruit and treats arrived was delivered to the Kaaawa post office by Harry & David. It contained the sympathy card show above, and several additional references to the someone or someones who sent this gift.

But nowhere is the source identified.

So what are we to do? We don’t know who sent it and so can’t properly thank them.

I’m posting this in hopes that the source will get the word that their gift arrived and is much appreciated.

Beyond that, I feel a bit guilty, as if we’ve failed in some way.

Can I just say: Thank you.

We appreciate your support and your sympathy for the loss of my mom.

If you want to contact me privately, just email.

2 responses to “Sympathy from an unidentified source

  1. Oh, Ian, no need to feel bad, or guilty. Whomever sent you that gift did it in love, purely and simply.

    Now all you gotta do is enjoy the fruits of that love.


  2. No need to feel bad and….if you have any of the paperwork or shipping label, contact Harry & David, who probably made a mistake in omitting sender’s information. And, please accept our condolences as well. You will never know the value of what you have shared to others who face the experiences you have had. Peter and Deena

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