Seventeen years and over 17,000 miles

For the record: We’ve just finished our 17th year of early morning walks down to the beach at dawn.

We started walking irregularly in late 1995, but had moved to a regular daily schedule by February 1996. We remember the timing because Meda had a criminology conference in Las Vegas, and it was the first time we can recall having to build in the walk while traveling. So February has become the official “anniversary” of our walking habit.

Credit goes to our former neighbor, Doreen Emerson, for dragging us out of our former lethargy and getting us walking the neighborhood.

Our regular walk here in Kaaawa is 3 miles, and takes us a little more than an hour (depending a lot on how many dogs we stop to interact with). We do occasionally miss a day due to bad weather, illness, or travel. But even if we miss an average of 20 days per year, that still means we’ve been out walking 345 days per year, 3 miles a day, over 17 years.

By my math, that brings our total to over 17,500 miles. And at least that many photographs, I’m sure.

Again, for the record, here’s a photo of dawn in Kaaawa this morning as seen from a stretch of Kamehameha Highway. Just click to see a larger version.

Another Kaaawa Morning

6 responses to “Seventeen years and over 17,000 miles

  1. Congrats on your persistence. As a wayward jogger who gave in to arthritis I admire those who hang in there.

  2. How nice! I wish I had someone to walk around the beach with. David has arthritis and was told by his orthopedist to not walk unnecessarily.

  3. That’s really great, Ian. Do you walk near any schools? I wonder if you might be interested and able to set up a walking school bus under the Safe Routes to School program.

  4. Cool that you two walk on a regular basis; wish I could say the same. If I was that close to the beach, though, it would probably make me get out more.

    “Red sun in the morning, sailor take warning” seems to be rather true. Hang onto your hats – gonna be even more windy on Sunday.

  5. A beautiful way to start your day !

  6. I often wonder if you’ve had and near misses from cars and trucks when crossing Kam Hwy in the dark! Some of that going to work traffic can be pretty intimidating.

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